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Consultancy Solutions is a company dedicated to helping organizations increase their capacity, enhance their effectiveness and grow to their full potential through a range of management, operational and technical assistance.  Consultants, mentors and trainers work with our partners to create development plans that address their unique needs and challenges.  Our world class experts help find solutions to organizational problems ranging from human resource management, to logistics, project and program planning, and development of internal and external communications.  Consultancy Solutions is a company committed to the success of our partners. 






Management Consultancy Services

Consultancy Solutions provides a range of management services in a holistic approach to improve the performance and capacity of your business.  Our expert staff work with your teams collaboratively to identify areas for improvement and make innovative changes which will help grow your business and operate more strategically in a competitive business environment.

Project Planning

Consultancy Solutions can work with your teams to institute improved project planning and management systems to increase efficiency, productivity and accountability, and help you achieve the best results for your clients.  The Consultancy Solutions team includes project management experts with experience in different sectors who can apply innovative project management tools and methodologies to your business needs.

Organizational Capacity Building

Consultancy Solutions is committed to making your business the best it can be, and as such offers world-class capacity-building services.  Consultancy Solutions works with your business leaders to develop the right tools and identify the right resources to increase the capacities of both your people, and of your organizational systems.  Consultancy Solutions helps you identify the direction in which you want your business to grow and works with you to find the solutions to achieve this.


Consultancy Solutions recognizes that business challenges often arise from logistical barriers and our experts can assist your business in improving and streamlining systems including transportation, storage and warehousing, supply chain, distribution, freight, equipment and inventory, and procurement.  Consultancy Solutions also assists in determining the right technology needs for your business in managing your logistical requirements.

Advice and problem-solving

Consultancy Solutions can assist in tackling practical and real-world challenges that your business is facing.  As well as offering holistic management services, Consultancy Solutions can also work with your business on specific issues and our staff and consultants have expertise to deal with a range of business areas including human resources, technology, logistics, project management, communications, and procurement.


Consultancy Solutions works with your business to understand your internal and external communications needs.  Our experts consider the culture of your organization in determining your internal communications needs and works to ensure that the different sectors of your business can communicate effectively.  For external communications, Consultancy Solutions can assist in marketing and messaging, as well as your customer service approach.  For both aspects, Consultancy Solutions can help your business identify the right technology platforms to get your message across for the most reach and impact.


Consultancy Solutions is a company committed to the success of our partners.


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